slimail - Privacy Policy

this document describes how we treat personal information when you use slimail services.
In addition, the following describes our privacy practices.

Before reading this document, we highly recommend that you understand how the slimail service works.
You can find an enhanced explanation at

personal information:

1. when creating a new slimail account, you must provide us your e-mail address and a password which you will need in order to login to our web-site, which is used for existing account management. The e-mail address you provide us with and the password you choose are your personal information and will never be exposed to other users.
2. slimail stores and processes your messages. This is done automatically.


1. slimail maintains and processes your slimail account and its contents to provide the slimail service to you and to improve our services. The slimail service may include relevant advertising and related links based on the IP address, content of messages and other information related to your use of slimail.
2. slimail's computers process the information in your messages for various purposes, including formatting and displaying the information to you, filtering messages you chose not to receive, adding a control panel, removing unnecessary text, delivering advertisements and related links, and other purposes relating to offering you slimail.
3. slimail may restore e-mails you chose to restore using the e-mail's control panel or slimail's web-site. In such case, you will receive the original mail to your real e-mail account which you provided us in the registration process.
4. slimail may send you information related to your slimail account.

your choices:

1. you may change your slimail account settings using slimail's web site.
2. you may delete your slimail account using slimail's web site.
3. you may freeze your slimail account using slimail's web site.
4. you may restore e-mail messages that were processed by slimail or filtered by slimail. you can do so by using the e-mail's control panel or using slimail's web site ("My filtered messages" tab).
5. you may use slimail "Paranoid mode" which never filters out messages and delivers you all messages, tagging them with a tag of your choise. This way you can avoid the risk of e-mails not being delivered to you.